The PCA Difference


Since our founding in 2000, PCA has worked to ensure fair access to work opportunities for our members by promoting a legislative framework and industry practices that establish a level playing field for all construction industry participants.

The innovative partnership that exists between our member companies and their CLAC employees is founded on a mutual respect dedicated to achieving a fair outcome for all parties, maximizing productivity in the relationship between labour and management, and a commitment to safety that is second to none.

As such, our member companies tend to enjoy a highly-cooperative and productive relationship with their CLAC employees compared to that which exists between other employers and the craft unions, such as the Building Trades Council (BTC). The uniqueness of our labour model – both worker to worker, and worker to employer – means that there are no jurisdictional disputes, and we are united in our focus on building a high-productivity, high-performance business and a culture around construction.

And, unlike non-unionized construction firms, our unique labour-management model ensures a strong voice for employees, enabling better dialogue between employer and employees, improved workforce management capabilities, and a cohesive culture. As opposed to many in the non-unionized construction sector, we believe that there can be a role for progressive unionization in our industry.

Fundamentally, Canada’s construction industry should be one that allows for fair and open competition of companies reflecting various labour models; in which no sector is given artificial and unfair advantage over another on the basis of union affiliation or lack thereof.

Simply put, PCA is not anti-union, we are anti-monopoly.


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