Feature Article: PCA on the Front Lines of Labour Supply Challenges

There was a time when the construction industry spoke of “impending labour shortages.” Today it is more accurate to speak in present tense. There is no “impending labour shortage,” there is a labour shortage.
The need for …

Ontario Report – August, 2012

PCA in Ontario continues to grow in members and in influence. Evidence of this increase was seen at the  annual President’s Roundtable held in Mississauga on May 16th.  Highlights of the roundtable included PC Leader Tim Hudak, Coll…

British Columbia Report – August, 2012

British Columbia finds itself in a state of campaign, which will culminate in a general election next May. PCA Executive Director, Paul de Jong, is working to ensure that it is recognized by all parties. In pursuit of this, Paul met with Premier C…

Prairies Report – August, 2012

The Alberta election ended with the re-election of the governing PC’s. In their election platform, the PC’s included many a commitment to creating all-employee bargaining units in construction and to safeguard employees against union fines, bo…

Executive Director’s Perspective – August, 2012

Summertime equals heat and hard work for PCA members.  And, while summer and holidays come and go our members are busy doing what they do so well: building this country, one piece, one site at a time. We are proud that PCA can work alongside our …

Member Profile: Mexi-Can Professional Services

Through years of experience Mexi-Can has established itself as one of the premiere recruiting companies in Canada.  Mexi-Can is an industry leader in recruitment and retention of foreign talent for Canadian employers. In a competitive market, peo…

Member Profile: Braid Industrial Services Ltd.

Braid Industrial Services Ltd. became a PCA member in mid-2011.  Braid serves the energy sector in the execution of electrical and instrumentation construction.  The company’s head office and operations are located in Edmonton, AB.; this locat…

Drummond Report and Corruption in Quebec Show a Need for a Progressive Voice in Construction

There are the haves and there are the have nots. As time goes on it is becoming increasingly clear that a province’s regulatory environment in construction is its bellwether for determining if it’s a giving province or a taki…

Ontario Report – April, 2012

PCA continues to grow in Ontario, both in numbers and influence.
The core issues in Ontario revolve around competition. Open public tendering remains very high on our agenda, as we leverage a fragile political, fiscal and economic climate …

Saskatchewan Report – April, 2012

The big news in Saskatchewan is that the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board issued CLAC Construction Workers Local 151 its first certificate in twenty years. This decision is a major progressive step for construction in the province, finally allo…


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