“PCA has become a major asset to our company, not only in aiding us to meet other companies like ourselves, but also in establishing new leads for our future business. Having a face in front of the people that matter, provides a feed for our business operation that is essential. As a member of PCA, I find it is an invaluable source of information and a conduit for our ongoing business.”

- Mike Moyer, President, DD Mac Electric Ltd.

“I have been in this crazy construction business for thirty some years to come to realize that on my own I am just a small fish in a very big pond. Being a member of PCA for just one year now, I have quickly come to realize that we as progressive contractors in Canada now collectively have a very strong voice in industry and in our Governments. Our value proposition of providing safe, reliable and quality construction labour supported by the Christian Labour Association Canada union is clearly The BEST. With the leadership of PCA, we will get our message out that we are the contractors of choice in Canada.”

- Denis Gagnon, President, North America Construction (1993) Ltd./NAC Constructors Ltd.

“PCA is a very focussed trade association made up of like minded construction and industry suppliers. It has opened up to us a new avenue to an expanding marketplace and the opportunity to partner with a wide variety of industry leaders. PCA membership has turned out to be of exceptional value and we recommend it to all progressive contractors and related companies.”

- Anthony Niessen, President, TDT Crews Inc.


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