About PCA

Disrupting old realities and connecting to new opportunities

PCA has been at the forefront of the construction industry, representing a collective group of contractors, entrepreneurs, and business owners whose workforces have chosen the progressive unionized model.

We provide our members with action-based advocacy, labour management advice, business-to-business networking opportunities and resources to them help access workers and opportunities to build and maintain capital and infrastructure projects across Canada. 

What is the progressive unionized model?

While our general and trade contractor members vary in size and location, they all have one essential thing in common: they employ a workforce that has chosen the progressive labour model. This labour model is based on collaboration – our contractors control who they hire and how they organize the work and the workforce. This provides greater flexibility and promotes innovative solutions to the construction challenges every company faces.

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How we represent our members

With the collective power of our members beside us, we work with industry partners and governments to educate, inspire, and motivate change in legislation and business practices so our contractors have every opportunity to compete on – and win – projects across Canada.

What we are trying to accomplish

When we connect with leaders, change makers, construction owners, and policymakers, we have one goal: to positively and demonstrably improve the efficiency, productivity and fairness of the construction industry in Canada. We are steadfast in our mission and will work relentlessly until our mission is fulfilled.

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