Our Mission and Values

The Foundation of PCA: Our Mission, Vision, and Values.


PCA advocates for construction companies that work within Canada's progressive labour model. We aim to advance their market position and work to make Canada’s construction industry as productive and competitive as possible. 


We envision a Canada where all industry parties know the value of the progressive labour model, all contractors have an equal opportunity to bid on projects, no worker is denied work solely because of the union card they carry, and the industry works collaboratively to solve issues and challenges that impact construction. 


Act with integrity

In all our dealings with members, stakeholders and the public, integrity is our guiding principle. It is what our members expect and what the industry deserves.

Build authentic relationships

At PCA, we believe our connections matter. We believe genuine relationships will allow for open dialogue and the sharing of resources, tools, and ideas to improve the industry.

Consider the impact

When we hold lobby days, interact with members, government and industry, or begin a new campaign – we think about the effect it will have on not only our members but Canada. Everything we do is measured on impact.

Speak out and take action

We believe in being a voice that is heard, and are unafraid to speak out when necessary. We believe in fair and open tendering and delivering the best results for our members, our industry and stakeholders.