Motion Approved at Ontario College of Trades

Motion Approved at Ontario College of Trades to Require Compulsory Certification for Carpenters
The PCA-led Stop The Trades Tax Campaign Opposes Job Killing Compulsory Certification for
Ontario Carpenters
PCA has learned that a motion has passed to initiate a review at the College of Trades that will determine whether General Carpentry should become a compulsory trade in the province of Ontario.  If this passes, it will mean that any individual performing the following work must obtain his/her Certificate of Qualification in General Carpentry:
1. Establishing building procedures.
2. Preparing a work site for building.
3. Laying out, constructing and installing form work.
4. Framing floors, walls, ceilings and roofs.
5. Installing interior and exterior finishing materials and hardware.
6. Constructing heavy framing using post and beam and timber construction.
7. Building stairs, newel posts, handrails and balustrades.
8. Laying out, constructing and installing door and window systems including hardware.
9. Performing renovations. (O. Reg. 275/11, s. 15.)
In response to the Liberal Government’s move to make carpentry a compulsory certified trade, Karen Renkema, Senior Manager of Public Affairs for PCA and Chair of the Stop The Trades Tax Campaign, issued the following statement:
“By forcing this onerous, bureaucratic licensing process on carpenters, the Liberal government
is killing jobs for tens of thousands of workers who are currently employed in the trades, and
swinging a hammer as part of their work. Framers, trim carpenters, home renovators and many
more hardworking Ontarians who work in construction every day are going to be forced out of
their jobs if this certification goes through.”
“Rather than strengthening employment opportunities and promoting careers in the trades, the
Liberal government is making the process to gain employment (or continue working) more
onerous and affecting the livelihood of tens of thousands of Ontarians. Unfortunately, despite
clear objections from tradespeople the Liberal government says they won’t even let an election
hold up this industry-altering change.”
“We need to grow jobs and create opportunities for young people and make skilled trades more
attractive and accessible. Ontario will be facing a shortage of workers in construction and rather
than helping the industry to address this labour crisis, the Liberal government is more
interested in placing barriers on job creation.”
“There is no reason for carpentry to require compulsory certification. We are mystified why the
Government is supporting a measure that will kill jobs in our great province. This is an antiworker
proposal with its only interest in creating an artificial shortage of workers for the
construction industry. It is time for this government to once and for all to stand up for
hardworking tradespeople, preserve their jobs and livelihoods and say no to compulsory
certification of carpenters.”