PCA letter to Ministerial Panel re: Trans Mountain Expansion Project

ATTN: TMX Ministerial Panel
Major Projects Management Office
email: nrcan.ministerialpaneltmx-comiteministerieltmx.rncan@canada.ca

Dear Members of the TMX Ministerial Panel,

We are writing to you in support of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

We are the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA), and our members are leaders in industrial and infrastructure construction across Canada, including such major British Columbia projects as the South Fraser Perimeter Road, the Port Mann Bridge, the Site C Hydro project, as well as construction directly supporting Canada’s oil and gas industries.  Our members also account for approximately 40% of oil sands construction projects in Alberta.

While our members will no doubt benefit from work opportunities stemming from the Trans Mountain project, and thereby directly employ hundred of British Columbians, the project also has many broader benefits to British Columbians and Canadians.

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will help families and communities across BC and Alberta thrive – many of whom are currently experience economic hardship. We need this project to move forward. It will play a large role in creating jobs and wealth for local families, and help build a stronger future for B.C.

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project will create more than 108,000 person years of employment and generate $18.5 billion in revenue for social services, health care, education and other government services. For instance, the tax revenues from the project could pay for:

  • 132 extra firefighters or
  • the full cost of garbage collection in Burnaby or
  • 565 senior teacher salaries every year for 20 years.

Moreover, every time a tanker docks at Westbridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, it brings $310,000 in value to the local economy.

Lastly, the Trans Mountain pipeline has been operating safely for 60 years while creating many real and well-paid jobs for B.C. families.  We fully expect this trend to continue.

We urge you to recommend this project for approval.