PCA Urges Federal Gov’t to Endorse NEB Report and Get On With Building the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project

(February 22, 2019) – The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA), whose member companies will be major constructors of the project, along with thousands of Alberta and B.C. construction workers, is pleased with the National Energy Board’s recommendation that the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project should proceed. The NEB reconsideration report concludes that the project is in Canada’s national interest, setting out new 16 conditions on how the Trans Mountain pipeline project should move forward.

“We have every confidence that Canada has the expertise to comply with the conditions and build this pipeline safely and responsibly,” said Paul de Jong, President of the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA). “It’s time to end the rhetoric and politicking and get on with a project that should be a source of national pride, rather than national frustration.”

The NEB’s 16 new conditions related to marine shipping are in addition to the 156 conditions it has previously proposed.

“No project has been subject to greater regulation, scrutiny and consultation,” added Paul de Jong. “With thousands of skilled jobs and billions in economic benefits at stake, we urge the Federal Government to stick to its commitment to get this project built.” 

After purchasing the project last year for $4.5 billion, cabinet now has 90 days to make a final decision on the taxpayer-funded pipeline project.

PCA is urging lawbreakers to respect the NEB report and Canada’s democratic and regulatory process. 

PCA launched the “Let’s Build It” campaign in 2017, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of getting some of Canada’s largest infrastructure projects built, including the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. For more about “Let’s Build It” visit: www.pcac.ca/action. 

About the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA)

With offices in BC, Alberta and Ontario, PCA is the voice of progressive unionized employers in Canada’s construction industry. Our member companies are responsible for 40 percent of energy and natural resource construction projects in British Columbia and Alberta and are leaders in infrastructure construction across Canada. PCA member companies employ more than 25,000 skilled construction workers in Canada, represented primarily by CLAC.

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