PCA Welcomes BC Government Rethink on Labour Code Changes

Victoria (May 29, 2019) – The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) whose member companies employ thousands of B.C. construction workers is pleased the BC Legislature has passed Labour Code amendments that will avert construction industry chaos this summer.

“We’re relieved the Horgan government has been forced to back off of its intention to wreak havoc during the busiest time of year for our industry,” said Paul de Jong, President of the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA). “We can now focus on getting key projects built, rather than the destabilizing threat of aggressive union drives each summer.”

PCA, CLAC and Canada Works made substantive policy recommendations that were put forward by the Green and Liberal parties as amendments to Bill 30. Now that they’ve been passed, the construction industry will move away from annual and disruptive Open Periods to a more sensible cycle of every three years

“We’d like to commend the Green and Liberal parties for coming together to be the voice of reason on this issue,” added de Jong. “Both recognized just how disruptive and costly it could have been for the BC economy had the NDP gotten its way.”

PCA would like to recognize Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson and Liberal Labour critic John Martin for championing the amendments.

In its submission to the Expert Advisory Panel, PCA recommended that Open Periods be held every three years. PCA believes this strikes a reasonable balance, allowing for adequate representation for workers and a stable, productive workforce for employers. The Panel endorsed a similar balanced approach. 

About the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA)

With offices in BC, Alberta and Ontario, PCA is the voice of progressive unionized employers in Canada’s construction industry. Our member companies are responsible for 40 percent of energy and natural resource construction projects in British Columbia and Alberta and are leaders in infrastructure construction across Canada. PCA member companies employ more than 25,000 skilled construction workers in Canada, represented primarily by CLAC.

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