PCA Welcomes CLAC Certifications in Saskatchewan

Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) Executive Director, Paul de Jong, today issued the following statement regarding the recent decision of the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board to grant certification to CLAC Local 151 for five PCA member companies.

“Earlier this week, the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (SLRB) issued certificates to CLAC Local 151 for five PCA member companies. With these certifications, we now see the final proof that Saskatchewan is open for progressively unionized contractors to grow their business.

“PCA began this journey over two years ago, appearing before the Saskatchewan Standing Committee on Human Resources, and advocating for labour laws that allow for alternative collective bargaining structures.  At that time, and for more than 15 years, the labour laws restricted unionized construction activity to the building trades unions and contractors. The result of the Standing Committee’s work was Bill 80, which left intact the craft labour provisions of the legislation, but allowed for the alternative structures we pushed-for. 

“Following Bill 80’s passage into law, the SLRB carried out a lengthy series of hearings which addressed CLAC’s ability to function as a union in Saskatchewan. When the Board dismissed allegations against CLAC, a Judicial Review panel agreed with the Board’s findings.  Once that final hurdle had been crossed, the final procedural steps were taken, which led to the counting of the ballots cast for the five bargaining units. 

“And today, at long last, we have achieved our goal of realizing a Saskatchewan construction marketplace that is open and fair for all construction industry participants.”