PCA welcomes Ontario signing of Canada Job Grant agreement in principle

TORONTO, March 6, 2014 – Today, the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) applauded the Government of Ontario and the federal government for the announcement that Ontario has signed an agreement in principle on the Canada Job Grant.

“PCA congratulates Minister Kenney and Minister Duguid for working together to reach this agreement,” said PCA Vice President, Federal and Ontario Sean Reid. “These ministers have shown leadership that will help workers get the skills they need to gain employment and help tackle the skills shortages that threaten our continued economic growth and prosperity.”

PCA has been a staunch supporter of the Canada Job Grant since it was first announced. Ontario construction businesses have long identified skills shortages and mismatches across several key trades and sectors and a solution was needed.  With this agreement, these governments have taken a step closer to training dollars going to giving workers the training they need for jobs that employers need to fill.

“This agreement is good news for Ontario workers. It is also good news for our economy. We look forward to working with Minister Duguid to ensure that the Canada Job Grant is equally accessible to all Ontario employers with minimal administrative burden,” concluded Reid.

About the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA)

PCA is the voice of progressive unionized employers in Canada’s construction industry. PCA member companies employ more than 25,000 skilled construction workers across Canada, represented primarily by CLAC. Our member companies are responsible for 40 percent of energy and natural resource construction projects in British Columbia and Alberta and are leaders in infrastructure construction across Canada.

PCA’s goal is to ensure that Canada has a fair and open construction industry, cooperative labour relations, and a robust, inclusive and highly-capable workforce. PCA believes in open competition in which no sector is given artificial and unfair advantage over another on the basis of union affiliation or lack thereof.