PCA supports new efforts to boost skilled trades participation

The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA), supports new measures aimed at simplifying pathways to allow more young people to participate and embark on rewarding careers in the skilled trades.

“We’re really pleased that high schools are becoming an increasingly important launch point and pathway for lucrative, high-demand skilled trades careers,” said Karen Renkema, VP Ontario at PCA. “Allowing students to start exploring exciting careers in the skills trades, while earning additional high school credits, ensures that more graduates are well on their way to a rewarding journey in the skilled trades.”

New policy measures announced by the Ontario government include a new Focused Apprenticeship Skills Training (FAST) Program that allows student to take up to 80 percent of their senior courses in co-op education, as well as job matching portal.

Proposed legislative changes are also aimed at making it easier for workers who have professional experience, but do not meet certain academic requirements, to register as an apprentice.

“We congratulate the government on its continued leadership and commitment to breaking down barriers, so that aspiring tradespeople and employers can work collaboratively to build Ontario’s economic advantage,” added Renkema. “We look forward to providing our input on the portal, as our membership has a wealth of experience in recruiting and training apprentices across Ontario.”