All Workers Should Have Chance to Build Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus

The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) whose members build major infrastructure projects across Canada is urging Ottawa Hospital and the province to give ALL qualified construction workers the chance to help build the new Civic Campus.

“While we’re delighted the new campus will help meet the community’s growing health care needs, what about local employment needs?” said Karen Renkema, Vice-President, Ontario for PCA. “This is an important project that every local construction worker should have the opportunity to help build. Instead, the message to those who aren’t carrying the right union card is, you need not apply.”

Ottawa Hospital entered into a restrictive Project Labour Agreement (PLA) to build the new Civic campus, which means this massive project can be only be built by companies and workers affiliated with select unions. All others are shut out, no matter how competent or qualified they are.

“Given that billions in public tax dollars are being used to fund this hospital project, it seems only reasonable that all construction workers should get a shot at building it. After all, their tax dollars are going towards it too,” added Renkema.

The new hospital campus will create thousands of construction jobs, but only for those in select unions. PCA is urging Ottawa Hospital and the Ontario government to rethink the restrictive labour deal, so that it’s fair for all Ontario construction workers.