B.C. Budget fails to keep costs down on public infrastructure projects

The B.C. government tabled a pre-election budget today that does everything but “put people first” according to the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA), whose members build and maintain major capital and infrastructure projects across Canada.

“This is not a budget that puts many people first,” said Dan Baxter, Regional Director, B.C. at PCA. “If this government was sincere about keeping costs down, it would do away with a labour policy that makes building public projects tens of millions of dollars more expensive for each and every British Columbian.

Budget 2024 projects a record $7.9 billion deficit in the next fiscal year, up from $5.9 billion.

The budget increases capital spending by $4 billion to a total of $14.1 billion for new infrastructure including schools, roads and health care facilities.

“The reality is that infrastructure funding would go much further if the NDP government scrapped its flawed labour policy,” added Baxter. “This would encourage competition, reduce costs on large public projects, and increase opportunities for more workers and companies. That’s the way to show British Columbians that this government has their backs.”