Cancelling Keystone XL Pipeline Sends Troubling Signal

The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA), whose member companies build major infrastructure projects and employ thousands of Alberta and B.C. construction workers, is disappointed that U.S. President Joe Biden has put politics before reason in his decision to rescind the Keystone XL pipeline permit.

“We’re disappointed that the new president has lost sight of the huge economic and strategic advantages of this project,” said Paul de Jong, President of the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA). “It’s yet another signal to natural resource energy providers that governments don’t have the gumption to stand up for projects, even when they meet every condition.”

The Keystone XL pipeline, built to safe, modern standards, has been committed to achieving net-zero emissions. After undergoing an extensive regulatory review, it met all requirements, and had the support of a broad range of stakeholders from the federal, Alberta and Saskatchewan governments to an alliance of First Nations.

“Pulling the plug on a major project, hours after taking office, is a rocky starting point for re-setting Canada/U.S. relations,” added de Jong. “It’s a sorry day when logic goes out the window, along with thousands of jobs and billions in revenue from a stable energy source that would have served the national interests of both countries.”

The Keystone XL pipeline would have transported oil from Alberta to Nebraska, generating as many as 60,000 direct and indirect jobs on both sides of the border.