PCA Applauds Alberta’s Successful Challenge of Bill C-69

Edmonton (5/10/2022) – The Alberta government’s successful challenge of Bill C-69 is further proof that this “anti-resource development” legislation is badly broken, according to the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) whose member companies build major capital and infrastructure projects across Canada, include pipelines.

“We applaud the Alberta government for successfully demonstrating that Bill C-69 and its misguided labyrinth of oppressive rules and regulations is desperately in need of a re-do,” said PCA president Paul de Jong. “The legislation was designed to stall or shutdown valuable resource projects, and we’re very pleased it’s been shown for what it is: unconstitutional and undemocratic to the core.”

Alberta’s Court of Appeal has ruled that the federal government’s Impact Assessment Act is unconstitutional by unfairly expanding the range of federal oversight to provincial jurisdiction. The Act allows the government to reject newresource projects based on subjective standards. 

“We invite the federal government to do the right thing, by using this opportunity to rewrite the legislation,” added de Jong. “It should be about creating jobs, attracting investment and building energy security, not purposely subjecting projects to even more political uncertainty.”