PCA Statement on Hamilton LRT Project

The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA) whose members build major infrastructure projects across Canada, is hopeful its local companies and workers will have an opportunity to build Hamilton’s Light Rail Transit project, announced today by the federal and provincial governments.

“This project is fantastic news for Hamilton, its economy and residents, provided that local skilled workers and companies have an equal shot at building it,” said Karen Renkema, Vice President, Ontario for the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (PCA). “A project of this scale and scope, funded with public tax dollars, should be open to all qualified skilled tradespeople.”

Two years ago, Hamilton City Council recognized the opportunity to benefit from major cost savings. It decided to open competition on city construction projects by allowing all qualified companies and workers to build them. PCA hopes that the Hamilton LRT project will be inclusive, creating thousands of jobs for everyone in the community, and not just those affiliated with a select union.

“Hamilton has gone to great lengths to ensure that a diverse pool of workers, both union and non-union build its public projects,” added Renkema. “We hope other levels of government recognize that this project is too important not to include as many local companies and skilled workers as possible.”